CorriDananDco Health Introduction on several way to make dried food for preservation

Introduction on several way to make dried food for preservation

  • Machine

For some people who are not familiar with the drying method to preserve food, I must say that it is e very effective and convenient way to keep your food fresh. After applying this method, you will be free from the fear of spoiled food if you plan to go to camping trip. There are also many ways for making dried food such as dehydrating food, smoke food and curing food. These ways will ensure that your food is in good preservation and you can always use FoodSaver FM2000 – a vacuum sealer for extra protection from food spoiling factor such as oxidization and bacteria. Drying method is also considered as the oldest and most common method for preserving food, so let’s take a look at some ways for drying food efficiently.

  • The dehydrating method

This is an effective and brilliant way to preserve your food as dehydration involves the process of taking out the liquids of your food in order to preserve it in a quite a different form – a chewier and long-lasting one.

So, how can you apply the dehydrating method and can you do it at home? The answer is that you can always try this method at home; however, because of the requirement for food liquid taking, you need a machine to accomplish this task – the food dehydrator which can be easily bought at stores or even online websites.

The application of food dehydrator is quite wide since you can use it for as many thing as you can think of, for example fruits, meats, and vegetables. If your food is dehydrated, you can be sure that it can be stored for many weeks in regular condition, even without the need of a refrigerator.

Therefore, this type of food preservation method is ideal for your trip, you can carry your food everywhere without the fear that it can be spoiled and not last for long. The dehydrated food is compact, convenient and very delicious as well. In my place many people like dried food especially dried fruit for example the dried jackfruit is one of the best-selling junk food that everyone from children to adults enjoy.

  • The smoke method

This is not a strange method for preserving food as people have been doing for thousands of year. The most popular way to apply this method is making smoked meat which involves in the two type of smoke known as hot smoke and cold smoke.

If your attention is to apply hot smoke method, you will need to prepare for cooking at low temperature for a very long time and the result is amazing, the meat smells great and still keep the beautiful red on the inside.

The second way for smoke food preservation is using cold method which means that you have to cook at an even lower temperature than the previous method. Some people say that the meat does not seem to be cooked at all, and it is kind of true since this cold method is only regarded a way to seal the food or simply put, to create a defense for the meat so that the bacteria cannot attack the raw meat inside. It is very helpful to apply this method if you want to cook your smoke food some weeks soon.

You will notice that the smoke method is used widely, and people also have a recipes or traditional unique way to make smoke food which carry unforgettable flavor thanks to the type of wood for the fire and the spices you prepare for the meat.

  • Curing method

This special method also has a long history in the food preservation of human. The basic of curing method id using salt in order to leach the water from the meat which is considered a natural dehydration.

Curing meat can take two forms, the first one is just rubbing meat with the use of salt and other spices in your preference. Then you hung the meat and let it fry for a specific period of time.

Unlike the dry curing, this one involves using liquid so basically you need to place the meat in the combination of water, salt, and other spice for making the cured meat.