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The most popular sports in US

In USA, there are many sport that attractive people so much. Besides the development of football, baseball is a sport that is highly appreciated. In the line of entertainment, baseball is more and more far in the young. But with some people, it is really attractive and special in US

On the surface, perhaps not too difficult to realize the goal of baseball with best youth baseball bats is very popular years later. Everywhere, especially in the schools, or Public Park, a driving ring you can see male and female players of all ages pants left side draft. The success of the two national baseball team to male / female United States in the international arena may also contribute to the prestige of this game against the American people and the audience.

  • The development of football in US

Most broadly, traditionally in the US, professional sports arena, the largest sport is football, baseball and hockey.

National Football League (NFL) is the professional football top, set from 1920 to now has 32 football team. NFL may speak with audiences in all of sports. According to statistics, the past 2009-2010 season averaging nearly 68 thousand spectators per game. But now, the NFL owners and the players are within the bargaining for a new labor contract. The grave tone expect the parties to reach a compromise for the 2011 season took place as planned.

And Major League Baseball (MLB) is the strike the highest professional baseball. Strange as it is, including the United States and Canada (two professional solutions merged in 2000). Currently this solution brings together 30 teams – 29 teams in the United States and one in Canada.

  • Basketball is a popular sport in US

This is sport that is played by many countries in the world. National Basketball League side National Basketball Association (NBA) today consists of 32 teams. NBA established in New York City after World War II.

Oldest present the National Hockey League include (NHL) of hockey – from 1917, initiated in Montreal, Canada. NHL existing 30 professional football team (7 Canada and 23 US). The award is seen as a grave tone hockey showdown at the world’s most powerful job. Trophy called “Stanley Cup” which many people, even as the world trophy in the world’s most professional sports in North America. Famed NHL should not stop attracting many names from around the world to compete, especially the talent from the former Eastern block countries.

  • Baseball is also a popular sport

Some decades ago, half baseball attracted many spectators. However, this seems to play football, “football” to have prevailed, thanks to “eat” the development of the TV industry. Almost every debate sports are most popular are provided on two giant brother.

Besides football, basketball, baseball are also a popular sport and it is played more in the previous decades. Like baseball, enthusiasts often resort to the loyalty of the audience. As noted in general, a baseball audience usually prefer to see baseball field to a crowd of football. For many, the atmosphere is … more sections baseball field relax, a place to meet friends chatted. MLB League match with many more may also be a reason explaining this gap is considerable.

Supporters coffee cake figure only viewers, especially the finals, “Super Bowl” – easily the events attract many spectators of the year. Football is also held extensive and methodical, from elementary school to college, and professional person.

Nevertheless, to be fair, the popularity of a particular sport, be it football, football baseball, hockey, football, basketball or football, depending sections geographical region, age players, and both races. Latino people generally like to play football the most. Baseball may be universal in the Northeast United States. In addition, the NFL is the most popular in urban areas; particularly programs college football is very popular in the states of the south and southeast. Meanwhile, hockey seems to be the most admired in the state in the north.

  • The development of baseball in modern society

In the development of entertainment technology, some games enlarge and baseball is not popular now as it used to. Nevertheless, some people like this and they found a club where collect someone like playing baseball to play together.