CorriDananDco Electronic The most popular electric gate openers on market

The most popular electric gate openers on market

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All most people apply the electric gate at their house, and to control this gate, you need to use an electric gate opener. But to select a suitable unit is not a really easy task, as there are many different types of product on the market with a variety of feature and design. Some products that recommended below will provide you some helpful idea. If you still not assure about any things or want to know more about some ways to install a gate opener, you can follow this

  • The Mighty Mule FM500:

You will be satisfied with the Mighty Mule FM500 because you can open the gate easily with just a simple press of a button. This electric gate opener surely works automatically and be suitable for all kinds of single swing gate. Moreover, it is also very easy to install and apply to the gate that has a length of 18 ft and weight of about 850lb

  • Some basic feature of Mighty Mule FM500:

Just like the other types of the electric gate opener, this unit contains the main functions such as close and open the gate automatically and easily with remote control. The gate opener can be installed with various kinds of the gate, which concludes: aluminum, wood, vinyl and even ornamental

The Mighty Mule FM500 is designed with a rather soft open and close feature in order to not only control the gate smoothly but also reduce the hard force that pressure on the gate as much as possible, so your electric gate is maintained in good condition for long term use

  • Warranty and safety feature of Mighty Mule FM500:

For electric cut occasion, the electric gate opener also has back up battery and save enough amount of energy during its working process. Additionally, the FM500 concludes a standard safety feature called UL325. While the gate works (both open and close) then touch any weird object, an alarm will work automatically and sounds in more than 3 minutes to warm you about accident occasions

  • The Mighty Mule FM200:

It is one of the lightest-duty of gate opener on the market, with open and close features, so you can control any gate such as a house, garage or garden without getting out of the inside space