CorriDananDco App reviews How To Learn App Promotion Techniques

How To Learn App Promotion Techniques

Generally speaking, the better your app ratings, the higher your app will be in the app list. As a result, when people will search for a keyword that is related to your app, then your app will come at the top of the app search page buy reviews google play .

Role of ratings and reviews on app ranking
Your app ranking is directly linked to your app downloads. And this in turn is related to your app ratings and reviews. Confused? Let me explain. When people download your app, the first thing they do is look at your app ratings. If the app ratings are good, they take a look at your app reviews. This is to ensure that your app is free of bugs and that people find your app to be good and helpful. Once this is done, they become confident that your app is good and finally they download your app. The more downloads your app get, the more higher your app will rank in the app store.

Challenges in the App Store

Everything seems easy right? People download your app and your ranking improves and this cycle goes on and on. But this is not the scenario in the real market. New developers especially have to go through a lot before they get a substantial user base. There are few companies which will have an app offering the same functions as you and these companies have an already dedicated user base. It is very tough to compete with these companies especially when no one knows about your app. One way of counteracting this is by pre-marketing. A pre-marketing strategy can help your app win some audience even before its launch. Another way is by buying app reviews and ratings android app rating.

Buy App store ratings and review

This is probably one of the easiest ways to improve the app ranking in the iOS Store. There are many ways of buying iOS reviews and ratings, the most popular of which is by hiring freelancers and by using mobile app review websites. You can also make use of marketing firms for the same. Buying good  buy installs android reviews will not only improve your app’s name but will also help to improve your app ranking in the iOS Store. Just be careful to not use bots for the same. The iOS App store has strict rules regarding the use of bots and therefore their use should be neglected. If your app is checked or caught for using bots, there are chances that your app is removed out of the iOS Store or that your app may be banned for use. Therefore, always ensure that you have organic ratings and reviews for your app. 




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