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Use An App Review Service To Promulgate Your App!

An app review service is always being sought after by developers because of the features it provides. Any app developer will understand the gravity of the situation. If you want your app to break that standstill barrier and emerge into the blossoming market, you should consider using the products of an app review service. Consider this fact – would you buy an app that has around 10 reviews with a 5-star rating or an app that has over thousands of reviews, averaging 4.7 stars with so many reviews. You might think that it is the equivalent of writing fake reviews, but no – it’s not. 


Nothing counterfeit runs long in this world and the same can be said for fake reviews. Thus, it can be said with the utmost level of honesty that an app review service will not resort to writing fake reviews either. Plus, you have seen how fake reviews are written. They have no one monitoring them, the reviews contain loads of grammatical errors, certain reviews do not even pertain to the app and most of them are like solving word jumbles. They are called ‘reviews’ for the sake of it, and thus, you can easily conclude that you should not just hire anyone to write reviews for your app.

What will an app review service do?

An app review service has entered the market to stay. They have a team of dedicated review writers who will check out your app, note the features, and write comprehensive reviews that pertain to the services provided by the app. These reviews will highlight the best features of your app, and how they have helped people get what they want. These reviews will be written in bulk because it is a well-known fact that reviews will not influence the ratings of the app unless a large amount of them is posted. You can do the math behind it by yourself.

Some facts:

These are some well-known facts about app reviews and how an buy app review service handles them:

  • Users will always lean towards products with better ratings. That is to state – an app with a 4.7-star rating will be favoured more by users than an app with a 4.3-star rating. 
  • Yet, star ratings aren’t everything. It is quite obvious that an app in its nascent stage will have a better rating than an app that has been for years in the market. This is primarily because an app is updated over time. Some updates are liked by the users, some aren’t. Most people might voice their grievance when they dislike an update, but they forget to change the review once the things that they did not like are sorted out.
  • Dropout rates are a matter of concern too. It refers to the phenomenon of people uninstalling an app soon after installing it. This affects the app’s rating too!

On a final note, it can be said that although you can always use an app review service to improve rankings, you should never compromise with the quality of the app and maintain a watchful eye over weeding out bugs and glitches from the app.


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