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All About Personal Loans And Reasons To Apply For It

Is an instant personal loan and an unsecured loan the same thing? What are the advantages of taking out a personal loan, and how does it work? Find it all here!

A personal loan is one of the most commonly availed and popular products provided by banks and personal loan for self employed as well as for salaried, which can let you finance anything and everything at lower interest rates when compared to credit cards. Therefore, it is no surprise that people are searching for answers to what a personal loan is and their interest rates. 

Personal loans come with a line of credit. Unlike a credit card, a personal loan gives borrowers a one-time cash payment. Further, borrowers repay that additional interest and the personal loan amount in monthly installments throughout the loan. Many fast, simple loan app and choices are available. 

Thanks to peer-to-peer loans and the best online loan app. Also, depending on how quickly the lender receives and assesses your paperwork, the procedure might take around one week. 

Personal loans come with interest. However, other fees may also apply, like an initiation or application fee deducted from your loan amount after you have been allowed, or even a premature payoff penalty if you redeem your loan amount well before the end of the duration.

Personal loans come in a number of different forms and may be either secured or unsecured. For a secured personal loan, you must give out security or collateral. The bank might seize your asset if you fail to repay the loan. Secured loan product consists of things such as car loans and mortgages. 

On the other side, unsecured types of loans do not need any security, which is why they are the most preferred type of personal loan for which people like to apply. If you do not repay the loan, the lenders cannot seize your assets or possessions, but that does not imply that not paying back the loan amount won’t come with any consequences. If you default in paying off an unsecured personal loan, your credit score can have an adverse effect, which will thus increase your cost of borrowing at a future date, and you may even have to pay legal charges. 

You can use a personal loan to finance a number of requirements, from consolidating debts or liabilities to managing wedding expenses; personal loans can cater to a wide range of purposes. Personal loans can be utilized multiple times, with a credit limit increasing in proportion to how regularly you make payments. 

Also, personal loans are given as lump sum payments, which get directly credited to your bank account. In most cases, you are obligated to repay the loan over a period of time and at a predetermined interest rate. The repayment tenure may differ depending on your respective lender, from one year to up to ten years. 


Banks and other financial institutions provide instant personal loans for home repair or renovation, weddings, and many other reasons. You can get loans at an affordable interest rate, and if you apply with  an instant personal loan app, you can get your application sanctioned in just a few minutes in a completely paperless way. 
Apply now with a trustworthy mobile banking app like branch to get going!

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