Having a kid and shopping for them is interesting, it is not just buying thing, it is the process of choosing, considering and comparing to at last, you can get the products which provide the most function in your situation. This job can becomes a disaster if you do not prepare for yourself knowledge about baby products. Because in the current market, there are a lot of manufacturers and products for baby using so you need to clarify clearly what are your child’s needs and then finding stuff match them. In this post, I want to share with you my experienced of choosing umbrella stroller and then you can based on that to setting your top rated umbrella stroller. Below are some features you need to pay attention when looking for a umbrella stroller

  • Weight

The function of an umbrella stroller is helping you to bring your kid outdoor to discover the new world. It is convenient for you to do not have to holding your kid, which can make you tired fast and then make your time less fun than you expected. Moreover, with the help of the stroller, you can keep you child stay away from dangers when you moving around or when you need to use the public transportation. However sometime the weight of stroller become your problem when moving and control it to move in the right direction if it is to heavy. But the light stroller is not really a good things, because if it i too light, the balance of the stroller cannot keep it stable, then easy to make the kid fall out, or you cannot hang some stuff on the stroller when go out. I found this important then I use the super light weight stroller, and I could not hang anything on it, so i had to carry a big backbag to keep the milk bottle, blanket, etc. in one place.

  • Dimension

This is a important factor when choosing the stroller, because you need to feak it out if the stroller can fit your car’s trunk or storage at home or not. In addtion, it is need to be suitable with your child’s development period, so it do not affect to child’s health.

  • How stroller folds

Folding function is provide a great convenient for you when you are out alone with a kid. In the current market, there are some strollers are proved the one hand folding function to help you minimise the stroller size with one hand when the other hand has to holding the baby. The unfold process also easy to do with one hand, so hey, do not worry if you have to go out alone with your kid, there is nothing can mess you up with the smart umbrella stroller.

  • Material

The idea material of the stroller is metal or plastic due to those material characteristics of safety and durability, moreover, it is cost lesser for you in case you need to replace some of part in the stroller or make it different with others. In addition, the rubber wheels is preferred because it helps to keep the stable for the stroller when moving at unflat road. The fabric which is made the seat and roof need to be thick, because it has to hold a child with about 7 to 10 kg, and the roof need to prevent the UV ray.

  • Features

There are some support function of the stroller to provides a fully caring system for you child. The umbrella stroller with a full system of security make the best prevention for your kid when they are on the stroller. Moreover. Umbrella stroller with the roof help to stave off UV ray affect your child. Usually, children are sleep in when you push them out on the stroller, so the roof will help them prevent most of light and dirt, wind, so parents do not need to worry. Lastly, a tray under the baby seat give you some place to put your and children stuff such as snack, water, toys, so you will have everything you need at one place, and do not take time to find them out.

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